The Wates Foundation


The Wates Foundation remains CLOSED to all applications until 31 March 2015. Any bids received will be rejected automatically.

The Wates Family will continue to make a small number of awards each year that reflect their personal interests. A list of the awards made to date in 2012-2013 is on the News page.

For all inquiries, please contact Wates Family Charities Secretariat:

Telephone 01372 861251 Email at

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The Wates Foundation is an independent grant-making Family Trust that has been supporting the charitable and voluntary sector for almost 50 years. Its trustees and committee members are drawn exclusively from the Wates Family.

The Wates Family has a broad range of philanthropic interests. These are reflected in the programmes under which the Foundation makes awards, in response to applications received from organisations working in the Foundation’s stated geographical area of benefit.

Through the Foundation, the Family also makes awards pro-actively, on occasion to support interests not in the published programmes and in places outside the stated geographical area.