The Wates Foundation is an independent grant-making Family Trust that has been supporting the charitable and voluntary sector for almost 50 years. Since inception, the Foundation has made grants totalling over £100 million, which have provided vital support to thousands of charities.

The Wates Foundation’s six trustees are drawn equally from the three branches of the Wates Family. The three branches are descendants of the founders of The Wates Foundation: Allan C Wates, Norman E Wates and Ronald W Wates.

Each of the three Families has its own grants committee, which usually meets once a year. The three family grants committees are named after their respective founder. They are listed below along with their trustees:

Allan Wates Family Committee of the Wates Foundation

– Mrs Claire Spotswood-Brown
– Mr Jonathan Heynes

Norman Wates Family Committee of the Wates Foundation

– Mr Neil Wates
– Mr Nick Edwards

Ronald Wates Family Committee of the Wates Foundation

– Mr Andy Wates (Chairman)
– Mr Christopher Wates

The Wates Foundation shares a Secretariat that operates as Wates Family Charities with the Wates Family Enterprise Trust, an incorporated registered charity no 1126007 (see for more info). The Secretariat consists of four members of staff, representing 3.2 full time equivalents:

– Jerry Wright, Director
– Celia Watson, Grants Manager
– Letty Rushton, Grants Administrator
– Kathy Greenwood, Finance Officer