Chance to Shine Cricket Coaching

Chance to Shine

£20,000 joint funding award made by the Norman Wates and Ronald Wates Family Committees

Chance to Shine aims to enrich the lives of boys and girls from a range of backgrounds in England and Wales, by giving them opportunities to play and develop through cricket.

Chance to Shine Street runs free, structured cricket coaching and competition sessions in deprived, urban areas, where gang culture, street crime and other anti-social activities can be problematic, in order to engage with young people aged 8-24, giving them the opportunity to enjoy and learn through cricket, helping them to raise their aspirations and reach their full potential.

In the West Midlands we will be running programmes for boys and young men in their own communities in inner-city Birmingham and Coventry; for young prisoners who are about to be released and for youngsters who have offended or are at risk of offending. About 250 boys and young men will benefit in one year – having fun whilst working towards positive outcomes for their futures: participation can lead to volunteering training or employment.