The Wates Foundation is a generalist grant maker, supporting issues that reflect the Wates Families’ broad range of philanthropic interests.

These interests are categorised into six themes: Building Social Values; Education and Employment; Community Health; Life Transitions; Safer Communities; and Strengthening the Voluntary Sector. For more information on our themes, please see the Themes drop down box.

All awards are sponsored personally by a Wates Family member from one of the three family grants committees (see About us). Our area of benefit now covers much of the southern half of England, reflecting areas where the Wates Family live.

The Wates Foundation is a proactive grant maker.

Wates Family members seek out charities to support, often from within their own community. This results in greater family engagement with the supported charity. Generally, a Wates Family member will lead a grant assessment visit and often return for a follow up visit as the grant progresses.

The Wates Foundation looks for opportunities for cooperation between the Family committees and to work with other Wates Family charities in joint funding awards. This increases engagement and philanthropic giving by Family members across generations. These awards enable appropriate activities to be supported with larger awards and over longer periods of time and also reduce risk.

Other Wates Family charities include:

Wates Family Enterprise Trust:
William Wates Memorial Trust:

The Wates Foundation is also keen to work with other funders outside of the Wates Family Charities.

The Wates Foundation is a member of the Association of Charitable Foundations, London Funders and Clinks. Through these organisations and other providers, our trustees and committee members access regular training.